Question 2. What's the difference between high-end and entry-level CCTV systems?

The main differences on CCTV solutions come down to disk drive specifications, hardware quality and specifications, availability of analytics and integration capabilities.

Entry level systems tend to use much cheaper workstation specification disk drives, have smaller CPU chips that are made to work harder and have limited or no analytics capabilities to detect and report any behaviours. The systems also typically do not integrate with any access control solutions.

The high end systems typically have separate system and data disks, often dual power supplies, server specification hard disks and data centre specification CPU chips to handle more cameras per server and run behaviour analytics on incoming camera streams.

Cloud systems use the end-user's broadband to upload camera images to data centres for storage and viewing. The cloud value proposition is that you get the data security and functionality of a high-end solution at the entry level capital cost and don't have to worry about disk failures, hardware refreshes, firmware upgrades etc.