Established in 1980, Screenguard were one of the first companies in Ireland installing CCTV and intercom systems for commercial and industrial companies. A CCTV system for the Magic Carpet pub in Cabinteely, Dublin was the first ever order that Screenguard won, soon after the inception of the company. This was the era of tubed cameras with Vidicon and Ultracon monochrome cameras and 9 or 12 inch steel case monitors. That was state of the art at the time!


Screenguard become dealers for the Software House range of access control systems. This system was, and still is, a military grade solution with it's own panels but able to connect to many of the high end panels of the time. The C.Cure 1 Plus ran on DEC PDP-11 and Microvax hardware onto DEC dumb terminals. Some systems still run today which is a testament to the foresight of the original creators!


Screenguard introduce the first offstreet pay parking systems in Ireland. Beaumont Hospital had enormous parking problems with patients regularly having to park out at the gates on on the public road and walk to the hospital. The hospital designed a new patient carpark in front of A&E to alleviate the situation and installed the Screenguard Fixed Charge Parking System. The cash unit was designed and installed in Ireland and allowed the old Irish punt coinage and tokens. Parking problems were eliminated overnight and the system was a brilliant workhorse for the hospital for nearly 10 years.


Screenguard employs its first electricians to improve installation qualities and service responses. Screenguard leads the way employing computer literate electricians to allow installation of the the new generation of programmable systems across the parking and security industries


Screenguard design the first Irish automatic traffic barrier. Italian barriers were in huge use in Ireland as far back as the eighties but they had some local competition when Screenguard designed and manufactured our Irish version. It came in painted and stainless steel variants and controlled up to 6 metre openings. These barriers were built to last and many stayed operating for decades throughout the country.


Screenguard spawns its sister Green Energy company providing metering and verification and small power control to its existing clients. This company leverages the technical skills and customer focus of our installation staff to set a new standard of professionalism in the industry.

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