Energy Pillars

The semiautomatic PILOMAT ENERGY towers series are designed to provide complementary services such as electricity and telephone communications, compressed air and water. They are used in those places typically used for parking or pedestrian areas, and sometimes used as market areas and places for events, concerts and similar. The use of PILOMAT ENERGY prevents the laying of cables and tubes, guaranteeing greater security for its users. The current models are the result of the development of more than 20 years of experience.

Power and Services for Events
The Pilomat Energy towers are designed to provide electricity, phone, compressed air and water points to spaces used for farmers markets, winter markets, concerts and other outdoor events.

Durable Components
The PILOMAT ENERGY B4040 55 towers, with semiautomatic rising and lowering, allow for multiple installations of single–phase and/or three–phase 16A, 32A, and 63A circuits in accordance with EN 60301–1 EN 60301–2 regulations and related protective circuit breakers. The coverplate at the top of the movement tower is in compliance with UNI EN 124 regulations with load class C250 or D400

Safety by Design
The Pilomat towers are fully rated for external environments

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