The new range of Hospital Automatic Doors comes from the LABEL thirty-year experience in the automatic doors industry and includes automatic doors for surgery rooms, laboratories, X-ray diagnostic rooms and controlled access areas.

All our Hermetically Sealed Doors and Airtight Doors use profiles and doors made of specialist materials for the intended use in clean environments such as laminate, stainless steel and antibacterial finishes with all panels specifically designed to suppress noise.

Label hospital doors are customizable with a wide range of accessories:

  • flush vision panels with manual or electric blind, or without blind
  • flush vision panels for doors with lead shielding
  • standard, sound-proof glazing
  • LCD Smart Glass glazing with transparent/opaque function
  • handles, push-bar, lifting handles, straight handles
  • elbow, contactless, bar, mushroom emergency opening buttons,
  • hermetic seal kit
  • interlocks, with signaling lights
  • lead shielding
  • graphics
  • emergency opening devices

Please call us at (01) 4263000 or contact us below or click on the chat icon and we will design your hospital doors to your exacting requirements

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