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Hermetic Hospital Door by Label

Screenguard Ireland recently completed the installation of a number of hermetically sealed automatic hospital doors for the new Isolation Ward at Sligo University Hospital. 4 no. Label Eterna Sliding Door operators were fitted along with 6 no. hermetically sealed matching windows, all from our fantastic supplier Label SpA. All doors and windows have motorised integrated blinds within the glass to match the cleanroom requirements.

Our hermetic doors drop both down to the floor and in towards the wall just as the door reaches fully closed and are fitted with rubber gaskets to seal the isolation rooms, which all operate on lower pressure within the rooms to stop any infection spreading outside of the rooms. Opening of the doors is by hands-free sensors internally and externally. Each door and window has motorised blinds which can be controlled internally and externally for patient privacy. The blinds are built into the glass to eliminate dust and germ buildup and can go from fully retracted to fully lowered and can also go from for tilted horizontal to tilted down for maximum privacy.

Small details like integrating the safety sensors within the operator lids all help with minimising horizontal surfaces for dust and germ buildups.

You can see more details about our range of hermetic and hospital doors by clicking here.

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