Automatic Folding Doors

Automatic folding doors are usually fitted where there is insufficient runback area for a traditional automatic sliding door or insufficient swept area for a traditional automatic swing door. Folding doors maximise the entrance size available by opening and then folding the door leaves.

Screenguard have been installing and repairing automatic folding doors like these throughout the country for decades with our expert installation and service teams who are dotted around the country. Our Label SpA folding doors are very strong and reliable and are suitable for commercial and industrial entrances and retail shopfronts. You can also see our wide range of automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, revolving doors and hospital doors also from Label.

Our folding doors come in framed versions and have battery backup as standard. Breakout options are also available. Please click here for our brochure on our automatic folding doors.

We also design and install complete screens and glazing to complement our doors so we can provide a one stop shop for your needs.

Please scroll down to the contact form or click on the chat icon or call us at (01) 4263000 and let us be your one stop solution for your automatic door needs!

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